logo_AEuCC_no_subtitleAEuCC (Agrupación Europea de Cooperación Territorial Ciudades de la Cerámica / European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Cities of Ceramics) is a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation created in 2014 that groups together the four longstanding national Associations of Cities of Ceramics, based in Italy (AiCC), France (AfCC), Spain (AeCC) and Romania (ArCC).

Each association represents municipalities with “ancient ceramic tradition” (Italy, 34 cities; France, 22 cities; Spain, 29 cities, Rumania, 12 cities). In total, the area of the AEuCC EGTC includes 97 European cities.

The mission of AEuCC is to develop territorial and transnational cooperation in the field of ceramic art and craft, mainly to create social and economic cohesion, by developing projects and services for the ceramic sector stakeholders.

AEuCC is open to new members, which need to be “associations of cities of ceramics” (at least three cities from the same country). In order to enlarge the EGTC, the cities willing to create a new association are granted “observer status” and are allowed to participate in the AEuCC works.

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AEuCC assembly in Faenza (Italy) during Argillà Italia 2016

04/09/2016 | Posted in Home, News

_04a2378_lowAn important assembly of EGTC AEuCC was held in Faenza last September 3rd, 2016: in the context of the International Ceramics Festival Argillà Italia 2016, the representatives of the four member countries of AEuCC (Spain, Italy, France and Romania) met together with the delegates of countries that have recently created (or are in a very advanced stage of the process of creation) similar Associations of Cities of Ceramics (Germany, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic) and of contries in which a significant discussion has started for the setting up of such associations (Austria and Switzerland). Continue reading

General “summer” Assembly in Argentona (Spain) on 2 July 2016

11/07/2016 | Posted in Home, News

IMG_5817It took place in Argentona (Catalunya – Spain), on last July 2nd 2016, the General Assembly of AEuCC, during the annual ceramic fair “Argillà Argentona”, the Spanish edition of the ceramic festival and market “Argillà”, born in Aubagne (France) and later on developed in Faenza (Italy). Continue reading