Members and History

AEuCC was founded in 2014 by the four longstanding national Associations of Ceramics Cities, based in Italy (AiCC), France (AfCC), Spain (AeCC) and Romania (ArCC).

At present, AEuCC members are 6 national associations of Cities of Ceramics, each of which represents Municipalities with “ancient ceramic tradition”:
> Italy, 35 cities;
> France, 22 cities;
> Spain, 29 cities;
> Romania, 12 cities;
> Germany, 10 cities;
> Poland, 10 cities.

In total, the area of the AEuCC EGTC includes 111 cities.

The Italian Association of Cities of Ceramics (AiCC) was established in 1999 under a national law. In its wake in 2003 the French Association (AfCC) was developed, followed in 2007 by the AeCC in Spain and the ArCC in Romania. The four associations had a strong and continuous cooperation until they decided to merge in a GETC.

The AEuCC is open to new members, which need to be “associations of cities of ceramics” (at least three cities from the same country). In order to enlarge the EGTC, the cities willing to create a new association are granted “observer status” and are allowed to participate in the AEuCC works.