Mission and objectives

AEuCC is set up to develop territorial and transnational cooperation in the field of ceramic art and craft, mainly to create social and economic cohesion, by developing projects and services for the ceramic sector stakeholders.

In the spirit of this mission, the main objectives are the development and enhancement of:

  1. projects and join actions;
  2. cultural, artistic, ethnographic heritage;
  3. tourism based on ceramics;
  4. ceramic craft (new products, design, processes, new materials, marketing);
  5. vocational training and competitiveness;
  6. international events (conferences, exhibitions, fairs, etc) to enhance knowledge and good practices;
  7. promotion activities on a territorial scale even greater than the European one;
  8. production processes, energetic efficiency and saving, environment and quality of life, pollution reduction;
  9. analyze, study and research economic development and employment, innovation, new technologies, business practices, internationalization, clustering, patents and intellectual properties;
  10. new national association of ceramics cities;
  11. European identity.