AEuCC General Assembly 2021

On Wednesday 15th of December 2021 it was held the AEuCC general assembly, in Deruta (Perugia, Italy) with the possibility to participate online.

It was recorded the presence of 26 members of the EGTC and observer cities from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, Austria, Turkey.

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AEuCC assembly 2021

Dear members, partners, stakeholders, Dear friends,

here you find enclosed the convocation to the next AEuCC assembly and board that will take place in Deruta (Perugia, Italy) on December 15th at 17.00 at the Regional Museum of Ceramics – convocation 13 dic 2021 zoom and Deruta

After the Assembly, on the 15th of December, there will be a dissemination event of the Erasmus+ project “wmn&ART”.

AEuCC Assembly will be followed on the next day December 16th (9.30 – 16.30)  by a Interreg Europe CLAY project (in which AEuCC is partner) conference  “The pandemic impact on CLAY Regions”, to which you are kindly invited.



AtrCC – Turkish Association of Cities of Ceramics is getting closer

On Friday, November 19, an important meeting was held online between some of the Cities of Ceramics in Turkey to continue working towards the creation of a new Association in this nation, which is so important and prestigious for the sector of artistic ceramics.


Those present at the meeting included Mayors, managers, officials and consultants from the Cities of Kütahya, Avanos, Çanakkale and Bilecik, who were engaged in detailed discussions for an immediate launch of the AtrCC with the adhesion of four Cities, in addition to which it is believed that at least another five may join soon.

The General Secretary and Project Director of AEuCC, Giuseppe Olmeti, commended the operation, expressing the enthusiasm with which AEuCC regards this launch, and the hope that AtrCC can join AEuCC, which would represent the first case in Europe of an EGTC comprising a component from outside the group of EU nations. Olmeti also pointed out to the Turkish friends just how positive the different experiences implemented in the various national ceramics networks can be in promoting friendship, cooperation, national ceramics identities and the development of concrete projects.

An in-depth discussion between AEuCC and Turkish Cities developed in an extremely satisfactory manner, leading to an increased awareness about the importance of the creation of a national association, for which City of Kütahya has accepted the task of managing the Secretariat for the preparation of the statute and internal regulations, including rules relating to the Presidency, for which it was decided that it will change once every year or two years.

A working group, consisting of Giuseppe Olmeti and Oriol Calvo, for the AeuCC, and Mehmet Zenci and Pinar Adanali, for the Turkish side, is already working on the definition of technical aspects.

The Mayor of Kütahya Alim Isik, along with the Mayor of Avanos Alper Ibas, the Mayor of Bilecik Semih Sahin and the Director of Cultural and Social affairs of Çanakkale Ozlem Eryigit, greeted the AEuCC and promised a visit as soon as possible in one of the European Cities of Ceramics to sanction the pact of friendship and collaboration that, in fact, has already begun.


Shown below, the words of Massimo Isola, President of AiCC- Italian Association Cities of Ceramics  and Mayor of the Faenza Municipality:

“I am very happy to see the Turkish cities of ceramics working towards the creation of a national association in this field.
For us, talking about ceramics means talking about our civilization and our communities. Ceramic production has an economic dimension, of course, but it also absorbs an idea of the world, the passage of time, styles and habits. But, to be incisive, ceramic production needs to be up to date and to reflect contemporary time and its changes.
The national associations of Ceramics, together with AEuCC, are working precisely to enhance the future of ceramics between tradition and innovation: the more we are, the better we can tackle this topic.”

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AEuCC in Turkey


A delegation of AEuCC representatives have travelled to Turkey on October 6th – 9th 2022, to partecipate to UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) area meeting, but mainly to support the fundation of the Turkish Association of Cities of Ceramics and to discuss some development projects (Erasmus, Horizon) in preparation.

This is how Paolo Masetti, Mayor of Montelupo Fiorentino and AiCC Vicepresident (central area) describes the experience:

It is a strange and pleasant feeling, to come back abroad after a long time… in Turkey in Kütahya, representing AICC together with my colleague Francesco Re, the president of AEuCC Xavier Morant, and the director Oriol Calvo Verges, to present the European association experience to the nascent Turkish Association of Cities of Ceramic.  Yesterday (7/10/2021) the meeting with the mayor Alim IŞIK, today (8/10/2021) the participation in the forum “Life System for a Resilient System” organised by UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments).

An occasion for constructive discussion, an opportunity for future collaboration. Ceramics unite.

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Buongiorno-Ceramica-1GOOD MORNING CERAMICS! is back with the 2021 Edition

The most colorful and joyful festival of arts throughout Italy


May 15th and 16th, 2021

simultaneously in 45 Cities of Ceramics in Italy

Good Morning Ceramics 2021 is betting on a “new day”, it is betting on recovery and on rebirth, thanks to industrious trust of the artisans, of those who have not stopped giving shape to ideas, to creativity looking ahead.  Continue reading

AEuCC and Croatia


This gallery contains 5 photos.

CROATIA: an important online meeting was held on the 25th February with the Croatian cities of Grožnjan-Grožnjan, Varadzin, Strigova and Matulje, which are working for the establishment of an “AhrCC”, during which Giuseppe Olmeti (AiCC), Oriol Calvo (coordinator of AeCC … Continue reading

AEuCC and Turkey

Screen-Shot-2021-03-03-at-11.51.57TURKEY: it is a nation with a great ceramic tradition (whose roots can be traced back at least to the 8th and 9th centuries), many ceramic centers and numerous decorations in a history spanning centuries. 

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wmn&ART: Women and ART project

logo-2-6ace134cThe wmn&ART (“women and art”) project, funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and which sees the Turkish University of Ardahan as lead partner and AEuCC as an expert partner in the sector and in communication, continues its path with the development of a series of online training courses to support unemployed women to start small ceramic businesses.

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