AEuCC is a kind of EGTC not created on specific and defined (and geographically limited) territorial scale, nor created with a specific management subject; rather, it is a wide and focused sectoral structure, with a territorial cooperation and cohesion goal. AEuCC could be managed as a “good practice” in this field of EGTC.

AEuCC will operate on the base of the following tasks:

  • reaching the objectives of the Statute;
  • developing projects and services to meet the needs of stakeholders in the field of ceramic art and craft;
  • fund hunting and raising related to the development of the ceramics sector;
  • managing and developing relations and networks in the ceramic field.

Further developments are forecast for the near future, such as:

  • enlarging to a bigger scale with the creation and inclusion of more Associations of Cities of Ceramics (associations in Germany, Poland, Czech and Portugal have already been created; Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenian, Turkey have discussions in progress for the creation of further Associations of Cities of Ceramics; Portugal, Turkey and the United Kingdom have a great ceramics potential);
  • becoming the “ceramic art and craft” reference and advisory subject on EU and national programmes, actions and strategies.

At the same time, AEuCC will deal immediately with challenges and issues:

  • starting, developing and reaching a process of joining and consolidation in the ceramic art and craft public sector networking;
  • obtaining grants and financing from the EU which allow to plan professional and long-term services and projects;
  • involving in the project and promoting it to all the ceramic art and craft stakeholders (museums, schools, etc);
  • enlarging the network on a full European scale and developping partnership on a global scale.